Nina Borders

Nina Borders


Nina's Bio

Nina Borders is a 32-year-old Firefighter/Paramedic who
moved from Orlando to New Port Richey three years ago with her fiancé of six

She is a Veteran having served with the Army National Guard. She has a Bachelor
of Science Degree in Computer Information Systems and Business Administration.

The Pulse Nightclub attack was an event that changed her. Pulse was a place she
had attended several hundred times; she knew those injured and killed, she had
birthdays there and celebrated holidays with friends. After that event, she decided
to get involved in LGBTQ issues and engage the community to stop the hate.

Nina grew up in an area where the LGBTQ community was heavily represented and
respected. “Coming out for me as a child was taken with open arms and I strive to
bring that sort of acceptance and love to Pasco County. I want to help mentor the
youth, provide health information and teach the public about our issues and
needs. I want the LGBTQ community to know you're not alone and we are here
for you. I’m very excited to be a part of Pasco Pride, even more so in this
inaugural year!”

Anthony Avila

Anthony (Ant) Avila

VP of Events and Fundraising

Anthony's Bio

Anthony is a proud townie dedicated to the positive and sustainable growth of his community. A resident of West Pasco for the past two decades Anthony was born and spent some of his formative years on the west coast in Bremerton WA and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Anthony has deep and meaningful ties to the academic, small business, sociopolitical, non-profit, and governmental realms of central Florida and aims to bring those relationships to bear in a synergistic way.

Anthony studied Political Science, Sociology, and Organizational leadership, with a concentration in; state and local government, and post-modern sociological thought.

Anthony is excited to bring every resource, skill, and insight at his disposal to Pasco Pride. Anthony strives to serve with integrity, lead with humility, and follow with loyalty.


Diana Shanks

Director of Marketing and Social Media

Diana's Bio

Diana Shanks is a Pasco native with a Bachelor’s degree in Public Relations and Community Leadership.

She is passionate about grassroots activism, intersectional feminism, and public speaking.

You can find her frequenting local businesses, organizing in a myriad of activist and advocacy groups, and camping out in public libraries for hours on end.

Charlie Russo-SQ

Charlie Russo


Charlie's Bio

Charlie Russo has been a resident of Pasco County since July 2016 when he relocated with his husband to establish an open and affirming church in NPR.
Charlie has been a volunteer and supporter of Pasco Pride since it’s beginning. He is excited to serve on the board as Pride continues to grow.
Charlie has been involved with LGBTQ+ groups in the past by serving as a board member and also Vice President of PFLAG Spartanburg before moving to Florida.
His professional background is in the banking industry where he’s been recognized for his contributions to serving the faith communities and LGBTQ+ community.
Charlie also serves as the senior pastor of Divergence Church in New Port Richey. He is dedicated to championing equal rights for all LGBTQ+ people of Pasco County FL.


Heather St. Amand

Community Outreach & Volunteer Coordinator

Heather's Bio

Outspoken LGBTQ Ally and advocate, and proud parent of a transgender teenage daughter.

Works in Tampa Bay and specifically Pasco county as a Community Organizer and activist. Her goal is to start a non-profit to help at-risk LGBTQ youth in the Pasco County area and beyond.